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Chevron Press Release - U.C. Berkeley Chancellor Chang-lin Tien Is Elected To Chevron Board Of Directors

SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 1997 - Chevron Corp. today announced that Dr. Chang-Lin Tien, Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, has been elected to Chevron's Board of Directors.

A distinguished scientist and educator anchored in both American and Asian cultures, Chancellor Tien has served for more than 30 years as an advisor and consultant to industry and government on many energy, environment and high-tech issues.

Chancellor Tien serves on the board of directors of Wells Fargo Bank and Raychem. He is also an active member of the Pacific Council on International Policy, the U.S. Committee for Economic Development and the Council on Foreign Relations, and is on the board of the Asia Foundation.

Chancellor Tien joined the mechanical engineering faculty at Berkeley in 1959, became a full professor, later chairman of the department, and for two years (1983-85) was Berkeley's Vice Chancellor - Research. He left Berkeley in 1988 to serve for two years as Executive Vice President and UCI Distinguished Professor at U.C. Irvine prior to returning to Berkeley as Chancellor. Chancellor Tien announced he will relinquish his position as Chancellor by June 30.

Born in Wuhan, China, and educated in Shanghai and Taiwan, Chancellor Tien came to the United States in 1956. He earned a master's degree at the University of Louisville in 1957, and a second master's and Ph.D. degree at Princeton in 1959.

Chancellor Tien and his wife, Di-Hwa Tien, live in Berkeley and have three grown children and two grandchildren.

With the addition of Chancellor Tien, Chevron's Board of Directors consists of three employee directors and 10 non-employee directors.

Updated: March 1997