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Unocal adds GOM leases in OCS sale

Sugar Land, Texas, March 18, 2003 - Unocal Corporation (NYSE: UCL) today said that it is the apparent high bidder for interests in four tracts in the Central Gulf of Mexico OCS Lease Sale No. 190 conducted Wednesday by the U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS).

The company, either on its own or with co-bidders, submitted apparent high bids amounting to approximately $32.5 million on four deepwater leases. (See table below for detailed bid information). The MMS is currently evaluating the high bids and will accept or reject the bids in the coming months.

Unocal currently holds an interest in 365 Gulf of Mexico leases including 230 deepwater exploratory leases, 72 shelf exploratory leases and 63 development leases.

"We're pleased to broaden Unocal's interests in two highly prospective areas," said Mike Bell, Unocal vice president, Gulf of Mexico exploration and appraisal. "We believe that these lease blocks will help us to build upon our recent exploratory successes at St. Malo in Walker Ridge and Puma in Green Canyon."

The results of Sale 190 bring Unocal's combined portfolio to 369 OCS leases in the Gulf of Mexico, if all bids are approved by the MMS.

Apparent high bids by Unocal

Unocal working interest
Gross Bid
Net Bid
Green Canyon 327*
Green Canyon 512**
Green Canyon 856k
Walker Ridge 361
  • * Bid partner - Nexen Petroleum Offshore USA, Inc.
  • ** Bid partners - Nexen Petroleum Offshore USA, Inc., BHP Billiton, Anadarko

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