press release

Unocal Bangladesh reaches safety milestone

One million uninterrupted man-hours of accident-free operations

Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sept 21, 2004 -- The Jalalabad Natural Gas Field operated by Unocal Bangladesh has achieved a record of one million uninterrupted man-hours of operation without an accident. This milestone was achieved by all the Unocal employees and contractors at the Jalalabad Gas Plant who collectively worked for a consecutive 1,270 days without any lost-time accidents.

During this period, over 146,884 million cubic feet (mmcf) of natural gas and 1,572,404 barrels of condensate were produced at Jalalabad, which has been vital for the steady supply of energy in the country. Also during this time, production of natural gas has varied on a daily basis from 80 mmcf to over 212 mmcf as needed by Petrobangla.

"Achieving one million man-hours is a tribute to every Unocal Bangladesh employee and contractor," said Andrew L. Fawthrop, president and managing director, Unocal Bangladesh. "This great achievement is the result of big strides in our safety programs, hard work and vigilance. We have made safety a top priority in all of our operations."

Updated: September 2004