press release

Unocal issues additional Catacarb study results

Rodeo, California, Mar. 27, 1996 -- In an ongoing effort to better understand the potential effects of the 1994 catacarb release, scientists from WIL Research Laboratories will present results from a toxicity screening evaluation of used catacarb solution today.

A meeting with area health professionals, state and county health agency officials and others is scheduled to present the results of a screening study and discuss other steps in the continuing evaluation of the solution. The study is only one part of the effort to learn more about the material.

The screening study was designed to identify effects that could assist researchers in the ongoing evaluation of the material. The study exposed laboratory rats to very high levels of used catacarb solution ranging from 1,250 to 6,250 times the maximum probable exposure level from the 1994 release. As expected, there were physical symptoms and even rat mortality at these high exposure levels.

Results from the studies will be published by WIL and made available to the public by Unocal through local libraries. An ongoing developmental toxicity study and a subchronic toxicity study planned for April will be included in the final report.

WIL Research Laboratories is using protocols which follow EPA guidelines and internationally recognized standards.

Unocal has funded or participated in five studies to evaluate the potential health impact from exposure to catacarb solution.

Updated: March 1996