press release

$25,000 Unocal grant buys cyber tools
and leadership training for Hillcrest School

Rodeo, Calif., Mar. 22, 1996 -- A $25,000 contribution from Unocal's Rodeo refinery will buy six new Macintosh computers and fund faculty leadership training for nearby Hillcrest Elementary School. In addition, the refinery is donating another ten computers for the use of Hillcrest teachers and staff. The IBM compatible units will be useful in planning lessons and developing classroom materials.

Hillcrest principal, Louise Bevilaqua stated in a letter to refinery managers that "Without grants such as yours, we would be unable to make the purchases necessary to improve our technological capabilities."

In addition to the new computers, some of the grant money will be used to send teachers to a special leadership development program offered by the California Leadership Academy.

"The value of having strong leaders equipped with the right tools is immeasurable," said Refinery Manager Jeff Wilkes. "When you consider the impact teachers have on our children's future, its an ideal combination."

The refinery has also given ten computers to John Swett High School for use in the school's computer lab. Another five are earmarked for Carquinez Middle School.

The $25,000 contribution for Hillcrest is a part of Unocal's fifteen year, $15 million commitment to neighboring communities. The John Swett Unified School District has already received $100,000 to fund a vocational training program for district schools.

Updated: March 1996