press release

Unocal gives to CARE; Indonesian crisis Is the focus of new gifts

(NOTE: The following news release was issued by CARE)

Atlanta, Aug. 25, 1998 -- Unocal - the U.S.-based global energy company - has provided CARE two gifts of $700,000 and $87,000 in response to needs in Indonesia, resulting from the ongoing El Nino-related drought and recent economic crisis. The economic crisis alone is responsible for pushing the number of Indonesians living below the poverty line from 20 million people to 80 million. Dr. Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jaki, Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, requested the help from Unocal and suggested the gift be allocated by CARE.

Unocal's gift of $700,000 will support CARE's proposed project in Indonesia to address the longer-term affects of the crisis, especially the impact on children's education and the stability of their families, in three ways: agriculture and infrastructure rebuilding in rural areas, financial assistance in urban areas, and direct assistance to families to help them afford the costs of education including school uniforms, books and other supplies for children. The Jakarta Observer reported on August 12, that for the coming school year, "about six million children failed to re-register for school because parents could not afford the tuition fees".

The $87,000 gift will fund the transport and purchase of medicines to treat diarrhea, infectious disease, children's cough and cold, nausea, infection, fever and pain for children in hospitals in the southern portion of Central Java. Additionally, the gift will buy basic medical needs such as bandages and syringes. CARE staff will distribute the supplies to area hospitals.

Roger Beach, Unocal's chairman and CEO says, "American business must take a leadership role in helping Indonesia. We can do this through our foreign investment, commercial activities and support for humanitarian relief groups such as CARE."

"With these generous gifts, Unocal has made a commitment to positively benefit the welfare and future of the lives of the Indonesian people," says CARE President, Peter Bell.

Unocal's previous contributions to CARE have helped fund girls' education projects in war-torn Afghanistan.

CARE has been working in Indonesia since 1967 providing programs focusing on water and sanitation, agriculture, health care, school construction, training for doctors, as well as disaster relief. CARE is currently addressing the effects of the economic crisis by implementing Food for Work Programs in East Timor, Kalimantan and other areas.

Updated: August 1998