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Unocal honored for energy conservation at Finley, Wash., plant

FINLEY, Wash., Oct. 11, 1996 -- As part of its Energy Savings Program, the Benton Public Utility District (PUD) and the Bonneville Power Administration today presented Unocal Corporation with a $400,000 energy rebate in recognition of its extremely successful energy conservation efforts at the company's nitrogen fertilizer production facilities in Finley.

The rebate reflects the direct cost savings to PUD customers resulting from Unocal's energy conservation efforts at those two facilities.

By installing new energy-efficient equipment and redesigning and modernizing current energy systems, Unocal saves the PUD more than 26 million kilowatt hours annually. This allows the PUD to sell electricity at lower rates to other Benton PUD customers and forego the added expense of constructing new electricity-generating facilities.

"As an energy company, we realize the importance of energy conservation," said Ed Scott, group vice president of Unocal's Diversified Business Group. "Energy conservation is good business. It's good for companies like Unocal, it's good for power suppliers like Benton PUD and Bonneville Power, and it's good for local consumers."

In February 1995, Unocal announced the resumption of ammonia production at its Finley plant, which had been closed since 1992 when Unocal acquired the plant from Chevron Chemical Co. The plant resumed ammonia production late that year.

The Finley facility produces about 165,000 tons annually of anhydrous ammonia feedstock for liquid and dry nitrogen-based fertilizer manufacturing at an adjacent Unocal plant in Kennewick. These fertilizer products are sold throughout the western United States.

Updated: October 1996