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Unocal board elects Brigitte Dewez as new Corporate Secretary

El Segundo, Calif., June 5, 1996 -- Unocal Corporation said today that the company's board of directors had elected Brigitte M. Dewez as Corporate Secretary.

Dewez, 40, will continue in her present role as deputy general counsel.

Dewez joined the Unocal law department in 1984. She was promoted to associate general counsel and assistant secretary of the corporation in 1992 and deputy general counsel in 1994. She has been the company's chief securities lawyer, advising management on securities, corporate finance and general corporate law matters.

Dewez holds a law degree (magna cum laude) from Belgium's Liege University School of Law. She was a Fulbright Fellow and C.R.B. Honor Fellow at Harvard Law School, where she earned a master's degree in law. In 1982, Dewez earned a master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York, where she was assistant editor of the Journal of International Affairs.

"Brigitte brings outstanding academic credentials and a strong international background to the corporate secretary position," said Roger C. Beach, Unocal chairman and chief executive officer. "Unocal has become a global company, and her experience in international contracts, securities and financing is an important asset as we expand into new areas."

She is a member of the American, California and Los Angeles County Bar Associations, and serves on the Corporate Practice Subcommittee of the American Society of Corporate Secretaries.

Dennis P.R. Codon, who has been Corporate Secretary since 1990, will continue as vice president, chief legal officer and general counsel.

Updated: June 1996