press release

Unocal not surprised over procedural rejection of '126 patent claim

Unocal issued the following statement today.

June 26, 2002 -- Unocal Corporation is not surprised or concerned over the initial rejection of the company's '126 cleaner burning gasoline patent claims by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) earlier this week.

An initial rejection of the patent's claims is common in the re-examination process at the PTO. This re-examination is a normal, routine process as the PTO exercises its due diligence in addressing questions that are raised by various parties about our patents.

The challenges raised by various parties are not supported by any new information, but rather reflect their continued resistance to negotiating fair and equitable licensing terms. Unocal's patents have been thoroughly examined and upheld by previous PTO examiners, three federal courts, and a unanimous jury. We are confident that once the matter is fully reviewed again, the '126 patent will again be upheld as it was by the previous patent examiner.

Unocal said it would provide the examiner with details on why the company's claims were not obvious in light of the state of knowledge at the time as reflected in the publications before the examiner.

Updated: June 2002