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Unocal refinery declares war on odors

Rodeo, CA -- To combat nuisance odors and reduce refinery tank emissions, Unocal is undertaking aggressive new initiatives. "We have an obligation to run this refinery safely and with respect for our neighbors and the environment," said Jeff Wilkes, Refinery General Manager. The initiatives include:

  • A $10 million project to install new equipment designed to prevent odors
  • Increased air monitoring by refinery personnel for odors and emissions in both
  • the community and in the refinery
  • Retrofitting existing equipment on refinery tanks
  • Additional preventive maintenance procedures
  • Working with equipment suppliers to design new, more effective components

This assault on odors and emissions raises the bar on standards at the Rodeo refinery. "This isn't a one-time project," Wilkes offered. "We clearly recognize that we're operating in a sensitive environment. That's why we're taking a get tough' approach."

Wilkes is calling on all refinery employees to join the attack on odors and emissions. "This effort requires that everyone working in this refinery be a part of the solution," he said.

The new initiatives are part of a continuing effort to improve the environmental performance at the refinery. Special monitoring equipment was installed near Hillcrest School in the summer of 1995 and the refinery monitors for potential emissions with other equipment inside the facility and in the community.

Contact: Barry Lane

Updated: October 1996