press release

Unocal and RWQCB announce new agreement to speed Guadalupe oil field remediation

Santa Maria, Calif., April 23 -- Unocal and the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) have reached an agreement to expedite resolution of environmental issues regarding the former Guadalupe Oil Field.

Unocal has voluntarily agreed to an 18-month extension of its probation. While no violation of the existing probation has been found, or admitted, the parties have agreed to lay aside prior disputes to speed the remediation process at the Guadalupe field.

Unocal has proposed and the RWQCB has agreed to put in place new procedures to help the parties come to needed resolutions. Specifically, the plan agreed to by Unocal and the RWQCB calls for the parties to submit their differences regarding assessment activities to a qualified facilitator. The facilitator, who is still to be selected, will assist the parties in reaching speedier agreements, which, prior to this, generally required time consuming appeals or court intervention. This new process is expected to greatly streamline joint efforts, and bring the parties a large step closer to implementation of an environmentally sound remediation of the Guadalupe site.

"We are pleased with the new agreement," said Paul West, General Manger of Unocal's activities in the Central Coast Region. "We look forward to working more cooperatively on the next phase of our Guadalupe remediation efforts."

Updated: April 1997