press release

Unocal ammonia ship, SS Cornucopia, rescues three North Korean fishermen

Brea, Calif., January 9, 1998 -- Unocal today said that its ammonia ship, SS Cornucopia, rescued three North Korean fishermen on Thursday evening, January 8, from a sinking fishing vessel in the southern part of the Sea of Japan.

The Cornucopia, which is operated by Keystone Shipping Company of Bala Cynwyd, Pa., was returning to Kenai, Alaska, from South Korea when a distress flare was observed at 5:30 p.m. PDST.

The Cornucopia was the first vessel on the scene and rescued the three fisherman from the sinking North Korean fishing vessel.

The Cornucopia and another nearby vessel remained in the area and carried out search maneuvers for other possible survivors until sunset when the search was called off by authorities.

The SS Cornucopia is owned by Unocal's Agricultural Products Group, based in Brea, Calif. The Cornucopia transports anhydrous ammonia from Unocal's Alaska fertilizer complex in Kenai to domestic and Pacific Rim markets.

Updated: January 1998