press release

Unocal supports No on Measure B

Simi Valley, Calif., Oct. 8, 2002 - Unocal will participate in the funding of the campaign for "No on Measure B." After many months of studying and researching Measure B, Unocal has come forward to support the Simi Valley Citizens for Local Control campaign to defeat Measure B on the November 5 ballot.

Measure B effectively eliminates local control over thousands of acres of development including The Canyons (owned by Unocal) by moving the current urban boundaries of the city inward. "The real issue is about who will control future expansion areas - the City or the County," said Brian Kelly, Unocal's Project Manager. "A No vote means the City retains control, a yes vote means the County gets control."

For the past two years, Unocal has been working closely with hundreds of local citizens to develop a comprehensive land use plan for its development in the City of Simi Valley.

"We have met with and are working with dozens of local groups and citizens to create a plan that has the support of the entire community," said Kelly. "Among the groups we have talked with or met with are all 4 Neighborhood Councils, the Police Department, the Rancho Simi Parks and Recreation District, the Simi Valley Unified School District, the Chamber of Commerce, the Simi Valley Soccer Foundation, the Simi Valley Hospital, and Citizens for Safe and Scenic Simi Valley."

Unocal remains committed to the citizens of Simi Valley. By helping to fund No on Measure B, Unocal hopes to provide the support necessary to defeat Measure B on November 5.

Updated: October 2002