press release

Unocal Thailand contributes 1 million baht to help relieve the impacts of the tsunami

Following the tsunami which has caused casualties and destruction to Thailand southern islands and its coastal areas, Unocal Thailand would like to convey our condolences to the people whose families were lost or died in the incident.

Unocal Thailand said today it has made a donation of one million baht to the Rajapracha Nukroh Foundation, under the patronage of the King, to help relieve the impacts of the tsunami. In addition to the financial donation, the company has also provided assistance to the Thai Government by sending a helicopter to transfer the patients from Ta Kua Pa Hospital to the hospitals in Ranong and Songkhla provinces. The helicopter will stand by at the area to offer further assistance.

Unocal also provided two freezer containers and 34 body bags which were delivered to Krabi early this morning. An additional 420 body bags are being sent to Krabi today. Further assistance in other appropriate ways is being considered.

Unocal Thailand confirms that the earthquake and the tsunamis have no impact on Unocal's operations in the Gulf of Thailand and we have maintained production at normal rates.

Updated: December 2004