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Unocal Thailand observes 2.1-million-man-hour safety milestone

Bangkok, Thailand, Feb. 10, 2000 -- Unocal Thailand, Ltd., the major producer of natural gas and condensate in Thailand, today said 1999 was an exceptional year for safety management. Unocal Thailand employees completed one full year of work, or 2.1 million man-hours, free of incidents that would have resulted in lost work-time.

1999 was also the year when the company achieved all-time high levels of production for the Kingdom, averaging nearly 1,000 million cubic feet a day of natural gas and nearly 35,000 barrels a day of condensate, a liquid form of petroleum. The company currently employs about 1,070 employees.

"Considering the size and scope of Unocal's activities that have increased over the years, we are tremendously proud of this achievement," said Randy Howard, company president. Throughout 1999, Unocal Thailand was also actively exploring for more petroleum to serve the growing domestic gas demand. Two new gas fields -- Pailin and Trat -- came on stream during the year. Today, the company is producing from 13 gas fields in the Gulf.

"The accident-free year reflects the effectiveness of our health, environment and safety management system, supported by strong commitment and participation from all levels of personnel," said Howard.

Unocal Thailand is an active participant in the annual National Safety Week Exhibition, sponsored by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. The event is a showcase of the safety systems and technologies of Thailand's industrial sector. Unocal also regularly holds first aid and fire fighting training for community members in Songkhla.

Unocal Thailand has developed its Good Operations, Health, Environment and Safety management system to achieve legislative compliance, minimize harm and loss to its personnel and other assets, and mitigate or minimize impacts from its activities on the environment. Some of the company's recent milestones include the achievement of ISO 14001certification for environmental management system (1997) and the Prime Minister's Outstanding Industry Awards for Safety Management (1994) and Environmental Management (1998).

Updated: February 2000