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ECO-SCRAP selected by General Motors to collect, retire 1,200 pre-1987 vehicles in Phoenix area

Brea, Calif., Dec. 18, 1996 -- ECO-SCRAP, Inc. has been selected by General Motors Corporation to collect and retire 1,200 pre-1987 vehicles in the Phoenix area as part of their environmental project to help clean up the city's air pollution.

Phoenix ranks among the ten worst polluted cities in the country -- older cars count for half of all mobile-source air pollution. This project will eliminate an estimated 1.3 million pounds of air pollution. Owners who turn in eligible, pre-1987 heavily polluting passenger cars or light duty trucks will receive $500-600 cash for helping to clean up the environment.

"The program will begin in January and be held for a limited time, until the goal of collecting 1,200 vehicles is met," said Ronald J. Mertz, president of ECO-SCRAP, Inc., a subsidiary of Unocal. "We estimate that there are 716,000 eligible vehicles registered in Maricopa County. In addition, there is no other environmental-based, vehicle retirement program available to Phoenix area residents, so the response should be tremendous."

ECO-SCRAP began their old vehicle buy-back program in late 1995 and through this environmental program has retired more than 2,900 heavily polluting vehicles, eliminating nearly 4.3 million pounds of potential air pollution.

Updated: December 1996