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Unocal's ECO-SCRAP receives governor's environmental leadership award for innovation

Brea, Calif., Oct. 24, 1996 -- ECO-SCRAP, Inc., a subsidiary of Unocal, today said it has received the 1996 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in the category of Innovation.

The award was presented to Ron J. Mertz, ECO-SCRAP president, for ECO-SCRAP's successful program of integrating significant environmental and economic objectives.

In announcing the award, James M. Strock, California secretary for Environmental Protection, said that ECO-SCRAP had "demonstrated that environmental protection and conservation can be reconciled with economic growth."

ECO-SCRAP provides turnkey service to help employers in Southern California use old vehicle scrapping programs to reduce air pollution and meet emission reduction targets. "Vehicle owners get $500 to $600, an excellent cash payment for their old cars, employers meet their air quality goals cost effectively, and the air gets cleaner," Mertz said.

ECO-SCRAP has provided nearly 90 Southern California companies with emission reduction compliance credits. Typically, these companies have enjoyed a cost reduction of 60 percent or more by using old vehicle scrapping instead of conventional employee rideshare programs.

"Old vehicle scrapping is a technologically feasible, highly cost-effective strategy with a proven record of emissions reduction in the South Coast air basin," Mertz said. "There are approximately 1.8 million, smog-belching, pre-1982 passenger cars and light-duty trucks in the SCAQMD. They are estimated to account for nearly one-half of today's mobile source air pollution."

Since ECO-SCRAP began vehicle scrapping in 1995, the program has scrapped more than 2,900 heavily polluting vehicles, eliminating nearly 4.3 million pounds of potential air pollution.

Updated: October 1996