Life After Mining

The Village of Questa, New Mexico, was linked to Chevron’s molybdenum mine until its closure in 2014; the company is now helping to guide this remote community toward a new future.

making an impact in the niger delta

the niger delta partnership Initiative has brought significant international attention and resources to support sustainable development initiatives in the niger delta region

Partnerships for Development—Advancing Economic Progress and Prosperity

Chevron Asia Pacific Exploration and Production President Steve Green highlights Chevron’s approach to development partnerships at the 2016 CSIS Global Development Forum.

Contributing to Australia's Growth

Our Wheatstone Project in Western Australia will bring thousands of new jobs and new investments in roads, schools, clinics and other infrastructure to the town of Onslow.

Wheatstone: Chevron Creates Jobs in Australia

Chevron’s Wheatstone natural gas project in Australia is expected to produce as many as 6,500 jobs. See how a local vehicle rental company has benefited.

Helping Chevron Employees Develop Meaningful Careers

Tengizchevroil's Ulzhan Shonataeva is gaining new skills at Chevron HQ. Other Kazakhstani employees are training in finance, technology and operations.

Safety Lessons at Bibiyana Field

The 2,300 local residents who work at our Bibiyana Field learn lessons about safety that they apply not only at work, but also at home and in the surrounding community.

a shared vision for global prosperity

Chevron and the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) created a partnership to explore how the U.S. government and private sector can work together to support the economic success of developing countries.

Lifting Women Out of Poverty in Liberia and Beyond

The Chevron-Liberia Economic Development Initiative and Foundation for Women use microloans to help female entrepreneurs build a better future.

Learning a Trade, Building a Life in Cape Town

Chevron's trade skills training program support is helping South Africa residents forge a new life, helping overcome AIDS, unemployment and illiteracy.