Marcellus: Managing Water, Land and Transportation

Chevron carefully manages water, land and transportation for the Marcellus Shale project - including working to reuse 100% of fluids and water produced.

Marcellus: Recommended Practices Collaboration

In the Marcellus region, we have participated in several efforts to establish recommended practices and standards for the Appalachian region.

Marcellus: Bringing Jobs and Economic Growth

Development of the Marcellus Shale is bringing jobs and economic growth to communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Decision Support Center: Faster Data, Less Time

The Drilling & Completions Decision Support Center uses many tools to help business units save time and money on their drilling operations.

Chevron Tops in Using Data to Drive Decisions in 2015

As the 2015 INFORMS Prize winner, Chevron is recognized for applying advanced analytics and operations research to drive decision making that differentiates performance and creates business value.

The Loma Campana Shale Project Hits Stride in Argentina

The Loma Campana project in Argentina is quickly developing the Vaca Muerta Shale formation using a combination of innovative drilling technology and collaboration.

Continued Development of Vaca Muerta Shale

Chevron Corporation confirms subsidiaries of the company have signed agreements with the Argentine oil company YPF S.A. to continue development of shale oil and gas resources from the Vaca Muerta formation in the Neuquén province in Argentina.

Recoverable Resource In Duvernay Shale Play

Chevron Corporation today announced the successful conclusion of the initial exploration phase by its Canadian subsidiary, Chevron Canada Limited, in the Kaybob area of the Duvernay play, located in west-central Alberta, Canada.

YPF Sign Accord To Develop Vaca Muerta Shale

A subsidiary of the company today signed an agreement with affiliates of the Argentine oil company YPF S.A. that furthers the development of shale oil and gas resources from the Vaca Muerta formation located in the Neuquén province.

How Energy Can Supercharge United States Economy

One of the greatest challenges facing the United States today is restoring our economic strength. Fortunately, this challenge comes amid an energy renaissance that could reverse more than 20 years of domestic crude oil production declines and position the United States as a global leader in natural gas production.

Chevron Acquires New Offshore China Acreage in 2013

Chevron Corporation announced today that its China subsidiary has entered into production sharing contracts (PSC) with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for two exploration blocks in the South China Sea’s Pearl River Mouth Basin.