Chevron Announces $1 Million for Hurricane Irma Relief

Chevron U.S.A. Inc. today announced a contribution of $1 million from Chevron and the Chevron Global Community Fund to assist with efforts to recover from the damage done by Hurricane Irma.

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Life After Mining

The Village of Questa, New Mexico, was linked to Chevron’s molybdenum mine until its closure in 2014; the company is now helping to guide this remote community toward a new future.

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Parterning with the Fab Foundation

Chevron supports the Fab Foundation, which provides students with access to tools and technology in order to educate, innovate and invent.

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Repurposing a Mine: Producing Solar Power

Chevron repurposed a former mining site in Questa, New Mexico, into a solar field generating enough electricity to meet 80% of the community’s needs.

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Chevron Volunteers: Sending Books to Overseas Students

Chevron volunteers helped sort and pack boxes of donated books at Books for the Barrios, for distribution to needy children around the world.

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Helping Students and Teachers: Stocking Classrooms

Chevron is partnering with, matching funds donated to local schools in California, to provide teaching materials to public classrooms.

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