Chevron Harnessing the Sun's Energy

Solar energy is power from the sun's rays that reach Earth, Chevron is exploring photovoltaic technologies to support the company's operations.

Chevron Tops in Using Data to Drive Decisions in 2015

As the 2015 INFORMS Prize winner, Chevron is recognized for applying advanced analytics and operations research to drive decision making that differentiates performance and creates business value.

Using Steamflooding and EOR to Produce More Oil

See how steamflooding technology California's Kern River Field shows promising potential to enhance recovery from crude oil fields around the world.

Chevron: Sharing Heavy Oil Steamflooding Technology

Chevron's Heavy Oil University provides hands-on experience with steamflood technology, to engineers and geologists from around the world.

Steamflooding: Beyond Oil, Distributes Water to Farmers

Chevron's largest California oil field does more than add economic stability - steamflooding technology conditions and distributes water to local farmers.

Repurposing a NM Mine: Producing Solar Power

Chevron repurposed a former mining site in Questa, New Mexico, into a solar field generating enough electricity to meet 80% of the community’s needs.

Chevron's Richmond Refinery Repurposes Wastewater

Chevron partnered with the East Bay Municipal Utility District to use wastewater for processing, freeing up freshwater supplies for the community.

Producing Renewable Energy from Geothermal Plants

Chevron is the world's largest producer of geothermal energy, a renewable energy resource that captures the natural power of steam from the earth to generate electricity while producing almost no greenhouse emissions. Chevron's geothermal plants in Indonesia and the Philippines produce enough alternative energy to power millions of homes. This video describes how Chevron produces geothermal energy.

Renewable Energy: Improving Solar Energy Technology

At a test facility in California, Chevron is applying renewable energy expertise to evaluate the best solar energy technology available.