Marcellus Shale: Environmental Protection Measures

Learn how Chevron proactively takes steps to continue to make protecting the water, land and air of the Marcellus community top priority.

Chevron's Environmental Management Company (EMC)

Chevron Environmental Management Company (EMC) is Chevron’s leader in global environmental management, remediation, reclamation and asset retirement.

Wild Files: Beekeeping in Kurdistan

Learn how Chevron supported an effort to rebuild the bee population in the Kurdistan Region while bolstering their economy by distributing beekeeping supplies and apiculture training to local villagers.

Deploying Drones for Emergency Response in CA

Drones descended on the San Francisco Bay around our Richmond Refinery in October as part of an oil spill response exercise led by Chevron.

Chevron Gorgon Environment

This infographic describes how Chevron has continued to respect and protect the environment on Australia’s Barrow Island as part of the Gorgon Project. 

Chevron Harnessing the Sun's Energy

Solar energy is power from the sun's rays that reach Earth, Chevron is exploring photovoltaic technologies to support the company's operations.

Protecting the Threatened Mojave Desert Tortoise

Conservation biologists at the Ivanpah Desert Tortoise Research Facility research strategies to preserve the Mojave Desert’s tortoise population.

Chevron Preserving Nature in Lagos, Nigeria

The Lekki Conservation Center in Lagos, Nigeria helps protect nature wherever Chevron operates. It is the only facility of its kind in the Lekki Peninsula.

Chevron Gives Australian Wheatstone Project Green Light

SAN RAMON, Calif., September 25, 2011 - Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) today announced that its Australian subsidiary will proceed with the construction of its Wheatstone Project in Western Australia.

Chevron Supporting a California Wildlife Center

Chevron volunteers at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum created a drought-tolerant garden outside the environmental education center's wildlife hospital.

responsibly developing natural gas in the piceance basin

Chevron's operations in Colorado's Piceance Basin are taking careful measures to ensure that we remain a proactive steward of the environment and a good corporate citizen.

Producing Renewable Energy from Geothermal Plants

Chevron is the world's largest producer of geothermal energy, a renewable energy resource that captures the natural power of steam from the earth to generate electricity while producing almost no greenhouse emissions. Chevron's geothermal plants in Indonesia and the Philippines produce enough alternative energy to power millions of homes. This video describes how Chevron produces geothermal energy.

protecting people, pachyderms and the environment

Chevron has partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature - Indonesia to help achieve a sustainable balance between the elephants and our colleagues at Duri Field.

Chevron Protects Barrow Island's Biodiversity

Since 1964, biodiversity programs have helped prevent the introduction of invasive mammal species and the spread of weeds on this Class A nature reserve.