Chevron's leadership position premium base oils

chevron's base oil plant at the pascagoula refinery in Mississippi helps position Chevron as a leader in premium base oils.

Commercial Production Begins At New Oil Plant

Chevron Corporation subsidiary Chevron U.S.A. Inc. announced that it has begun commercial production of premium base oils from a newly constructed manufacturing facility at the company’s Pascagoula refinery.

$1.4 Billion Lubricants Plant In Pascagoula

Chevron Corporation today announced that Chevron Lubricants will commence construction of a lubricants manufacturing facility at the company’s Pascagoula refinery. The $1.4 billion Pascagoula Base Oil Project (PBOP) is projected to generate approximately 1,000 jobs over the next two years of construction and about 20 permanent positions once the facility is operating.

Chevron to Build Base Oil Mfg. Facility in Pascagoula

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) today announced that it has submitted an environmental permit application to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality for the construction of a premium base oil facility at the company's Pascagoula refinery.

Chevron Sells Fuel Business in Uruguay to D.U.C.S.A.

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, June 27, 2007 -- Chevron Latin America Marketing LLC and Chevron Amazonas LLC, both indirect, wholly owned subsidiaries of Chevron Corporation, have signed an agreement with D.U.C.S.A. - the state owned petroleum marketing and distribution company operating under the ANCAP brand - for D.U.C.S.A. to purchase the Chevron fuels marketing business in Uruguay.