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So do 7,339 others.

What Chevron Is Doing

Chevron employees have a lot to say about the extraordinary lengths Chevron goes to in order to protect the environment.

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  • Economic ImpactEconomic Impact

    Chevron is leading a combined $80+ billion investment in the Gorgon and Wheatstone projects. It's a long-term investment in businesses, technology, and the economy. It means more jobs, from welders to technicians to engineers. 14,000 so far and counting. See how it's benefiting Australia for decades to come.
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  • Local BusinessLocal Business

    Gorgon. Wheatstone. Natural gas projects like these can’t happen without Australian companies. Chevron has awarded more than 600 local contracts. And we’re putting more than $40 billion to work with businesses across the country. See how two of the largest natural gas projects in the world depend on partners right here at home.
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  • TechnologyTechnology

    Since 2009, Chevron's invested more than $1 billion in research and development here in Australia. In Perth, we built a Global Technology Centre, a technology hub where our experts are answering the energy needs of Asia-Pacific. See how we employ the best people, resources and technology to develop it.
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