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Judge Núñez Recusal

SAN RAMON, CALIF. - SEPT. 4, 2009 - Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) issued the following media statement by Hewitt Pate, vice president and general counsel, in response to news Judge Juan Núñez has recused himself from the Lago Agrio proceedings in Ecuador:

"Judge Núñez has correctly realized that his position has become untenable. No judge who has participated in the type of meetings shown in the video recordings could possibly have rendered a legitimate decision. But two major issues remain:

"It is important that prior rulings of the judge be annulled, including numerous improper rulings to facilitate and shield from scrutiny the biased Cabrera process.

"We also hope that the removal of Judge Núñez is not an attempt to deflect attention from the serious indications of political interference with the case that appear in the video recordings. Recent statements by government of Ecuador officials indicate an intent to attack Chevron rather than investigate potentially inappropriate actions by party officials such as Patricio Garcia and Alexis Mera.

"An independent and honest investigation of the evidence that Chevron brought forward remains just as important following Judge Núñez's removal."

Editor's Note

Video and transcripts of meetings held by Judge Núñez in May and June of this year are available on

Published: September 2009