We strive to protect the environment, empower people and get results the right way. This approach is integrated throughout our business.

energy is essential to modern life

As we've done for more than 140 years, we will continue to evolve and help meet the energy demand of a growing world.
  • climate

    We’re working to lower the carbon intensity of our operations. At the same time, we’re investing to grow our capabilities in various ways, including renewable fuels and emerging technologies.

  • environment

    One of our priorities is to help protect the environment. We do this through responsible design, development, operations and retirement of assets.

  • social investment

    We believe our business succeeds when our people and communities do. We’re striving to empower people worldwide to help improve their lives and achieve their ambitions.

  • diversity and inclusion

    Our success is driven by a dedicated, diverse and highly skilled global workforce united by The Chevron Way. We treat our employees and our partners with respect and dignity.

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