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U.S. Federal Court Dismisses Remaining Ecuador Cancer Claims Against Chevron

Follows October ruling levying sanctions and fines against plaintiffs' Lawyers

SAN RAMON, Calif., November 19, 2007 - The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has dismissed the remaining two claims against Chevron alleging health impacts to Ecuadorian citizens resulting from Texaco Petroleum Company's Ecuadorian oil operations that ended in 1992. The ruling, based on California's two-year statute of limitations, effectively brings the matter to an end.

The lawsuit is the third in a series of suits that has been launched by Cristobal Bonifaz, a Massachusetts-based trial attorney claiming to represent Ecuadorian plaintiffs. The U.S. District Court proceeding has been notable for its many irregularities, culminating in the Oct. 16, 2007 sanctions and fines levied against plaintiffs' counsel for presenting fabricated cancer claims.

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Published: November 2007