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4 min read | march 08, 2022

Chevron has long been known for innovation, ingenuity and determination. No one embodies those qualities better than the women at the heart of the human energy company.

Take Nell Palmer, who joined the company in 1885. In and out of the office, she defied the status quo. She worked her way up to the position of Secretary to the President and campaigned fervently for women’s suffrage. With the passionate support of determined women like her, American women won the vote in 1920.

Then as now, Chevron women were prolific sources of strength, progress and hope – role models for the next generation. For almost 150 years, they’ve been breaking the mold, breaking the rules and breaking the bias to change how Chevron – and the world – gets things done.

In 2022 the women of Chevron continue to lead in thought, in action – and now in name as well. With titles like VP, CFO, CTO and more, women leaders are making their voices heard in our quest to build a better future, originating and championing some of our most creative, innovative achievements.

behind every leap forward, there is a woman challenging the status quo

This International Women’s Day, we’re remembering and celebrating the fierce, intelligent women who’ve inspired, driven and shaped Chevron since its inception. Their vision, capability and grit have been the source of so much of our success. These are some of their stories.

a rich past. a bright future.

This international women’s day meet the women who’ve contributed to our long history and bright futureThis international women’s day meet the women who’ve contributed to our long history and bright future

In the 137 years since Nell Palmer joined the company, women at Chevron have continued to demolish barriers, break records and lead in the future of energy; Chevron – the human energy company – has done the same.

Coincidence? We think not.


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