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alternative fuels beyond6 brings more CNG options to trucking industry

1 min read | june 16, 2022

A newly formed joint venture (JV) between Chevron and Mercuria Energy Trading, Beyond6 will work to develop a U.S. compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling network supplied with renewable natural gas (RNG).

Chevron and Mercuria purchased American Natural Gas (ANG), a Beyond6 company, and its 60 CNG stations in 17 states across the country. These stations are being rebranded as Beyond6, a reflection of the commitment to supplying low or zero carbon transportation fuels. The rebranding process is expected to conclude by the end of June.

Our goal is to grow our RNG value chain, all the way from production to distribution. This deal complements our previously announced plan to open more than 30 Chevron-branded CNG stations by 2025.

what is CNG?

CNG is a readily available, commercially proven, lower carbon alternative to gasoline and diesel. It is generated by compressing natural gas (methane) down to less than 1% of its volume. It has been traditionally sourced from fossil sources of natural gas. More recently, CNG is being produced by renewable sources of natural gas, known as RNG.

RNG is sourced from waste streams of decomposing organic matter like cow manure, food waste and landfill waste. This natural decomposition produces methane that would normally be released into the atmosphere by capturing and processing it, the resulting RNG has the potential to be a carbon-negative source of transportation fuel on a lifecycle basis, under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

Beyond6 gas pump

more on the JV

Our purchase of ANG and its rebranding to Beyond6 advances our goal of building a large-scale, vertically integrated RNG business in the United States.

We are committed to producing a tenfold increase in RNG volumes by 2025 compared to 2020. This acquisition aims to provide lower carbon solutions for the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle market.

what they’re saying

“At Beyond6 we believe all individuals, businesses and organizations have the power to create a cleaner and healthier world,” said Andrew West, Beyond6 founder and CEO. “We are strategic carbon reduction specialists that work with clients across the country to help them realize their most sustainable future and do so in a way that delivers value to the bottom line.”

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