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new fund unwraps lower carbon future

1 min read | june 07, 2022

Chevron has invested in Emerald Technology Ventures’ sustainable packaging fund to support innovation in packaging, from raw materials to end-of-life solutions. 

  • Emerald Technology Ventures is a cleantech-focused venture capital investment firm. This packaging fund will join their existing funds targeting energy, water and industrial innovation.

why it matters

This fund leverages Emerald’s research, network and expertise to find and support innovative start-up companies that could be part of the future energy system. This newest fund seeks to potentially expand technologies with the goal of achieving higher-yield, lower-carbon approaches to sustainable packaging.

The fund will invest in sectors along the packaging value chain, including the following:

  • lower carbon feedstocks
  • functional and smart materials
  • designing for reuse and recycling
  • collection, sorting, cleaning and recycling technologies
  • digital and connected solutions
  • new business models
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“We want to be part of the solution. Collaborations like this enable partnerships with other companies along the value chain and allow us to come together to find innovative solutions in this space,” said Luis Alcoser, Chevron’s general manager of Future Energy.

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