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people and community relaunching careers through our returnship program

2 min read | june 28, 2022

Life happens, and sometimes we must make tough decisions. Many talented individuals consciously step away from their careers for childcare, elder care, military service, or – more recently – navigating a global pandemic.

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Chevron’s Welcome Back Returnship Program is designed to support and develop experienced professionals when they make the next decision: to re-enter the workforce following a career break. “Transitioning back into the workforce should not be a barrier to growth,” said Mike Wirth, Chevron chairman and CEO.

why it matters

While the Welcome Back Program isn‘t exclusive to women, a majority of those taking leave from work are. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as schools and daycares closed, millions of women left the job market to care for their children. In the beginning of 2022, women were still short 1.8 million jobs since February 2020.

how it works

  • The 12-week paid returnship features integrated learning, formal training and support from supervisors and mentors.
  • Whether in the office or out in the field, participants receive career and development guidance to ensure they have clear goals and the help they need to attain them.
  • Throughout the program, participants have opportunities to sharpen their skills, update their resume, make connections and contribute to a team.
  • Upon completion of the program, successful participants may be offered full-time employment and benefits.

a path from caregiving to engineering

a path from caregiving to engineering

Amy Henry spent 22 years at the Chevron Pascagoula Refinery in process engineering, planning and operations. As her children approached middle school and her aging parents needed assistance, Amy decided to leave the workforce to focus on caring for the family.

After almost a decade away, she was ready to return to Chevron. With an extensive background in refining technologies and oils planning, Amy was a solid candidate for a senior process engineer position on Chevron’s Strategy and Business Planning Team.

“I felt very supported,” said Amy.

“It was a steep learning curve on some things, but I had the support that I needed to do that coming in.”

amy henry

senior process engineer, strategy & business planning

by the numbers

Here’s a look at nationwide data about returnship participants in the U.S.:



have graduate degrees



hold bachelor’s degrees



have at least 10 years of experience

more than


convert to full-time hires

Do you know an experienced professional who is ready to rejoin the workforce? Visit Chevron’s Welcome Back Program for a list of available job openings.

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