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alternative fuels walmart to demonstrate trucks run on chevron’s renewable natural gas

1 min read | june 08, 2022

Chevron is going to supply fuel linked to renewable natural gas (RNG) to fuel a portion of Walmart’s commercial truck fleet in California.

why it matters

RNG is a lower carbon alternative to traditional fuels. This agreement represents an opportunity to demonstrate RNG’s ability to help reduce emissions in the heavy-duty transportation sector.

our perspective

We want to help foster a lower carbon future. Decarbonizing the heavy-duty transportation sector will require several different fuel technologies. This agreement will explore the use of RNG as a lower carbon alternative to fueling trucks with traditional fuels.


The trucks using Chevron-supplied fuel will run on the Cummins’ X15N, a 15-liter engine that is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG is generated by storing RNG in high-pressure containers.

  • RNG comes from decomposing organic matter like cow manure and landfill waste, commonly referred to as biomethane. Once the biomethane is captured, treated and placed into the natural gas network, it is considered RNG.
  • Uncaptured methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide and especially good at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, capturing methane and converting it into RNG can qualify as a carbon negative fuel on a lifecycle basis.

what we’re saying

“Chevron has the infrastructure, assets and capabilities to produce and distribute renewable natural gas and other fuels that offer lower carbon options for critical industries in search of solutions,” said Mike Wirth, Chevron chairman and CEO.

what’s next

Walmart will field-test the RNG-fueled trucks at its distribution center in Fontana, California. If they perform successfully, the engines could be installed in trucks elsewhere in the country. This would be a step toward reducing emissions in the heavy-duty transportation sector.

For more information, read the full media release.

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