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emissions solutions future of global energy conference: houston's leading role

2 min read | july 20, 2022

Chevron recently served as the presenting sponsor of The Future of Global Energy: Houston’s Role in Leading the Energy Transition conference.

Experts came together to discuss the world’s shifting energy landscape and the opportunities these changes will present for the city.

what we’re saying

“As the energy capital of the world, Houston is uniquely positioned to lead the global energy transition,” said Telisa Toliver, general manager of renewable power at Chevron. “Space City has long been known for its advanced thinking – in space exploration, in medical breakthroughs and in energy, just to name a few.

“Today, it is continuing to build a community and culture where innovators, academics, startups and entrepreneurs come together to solve some of the world’s greatest energy challenges. And solutions start with problem solving.”

why it matters

Meeting the world’s increasing energy demands while reducing carbon emissions is a bigger challenge than any one country, industry or company can solve. Achieving change at scale requires partnership and collaboration throughout the energy system.

At Chevron, we believe that energy is critical to modern society and that innovative thinking will grow lower carbon businesses that will be a bigger part of the future.

Telisa Toliver, general manager of renewable power at Chevron

more on that

“Chevron, like Houston, has generations of problem solvers who have met the most complex challenges of energy’s past,” Toliver said. “Together, we will innovate toward the future.”

We believe that energy is essential to achieving a more prosperous world. Consumers value affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy – and recent world events remind us that energy solutions need to address all three.

what we’re doing

“We intend to leverage our strengths to deliver lower carbon energy to a growing world,” said Sunday Shepherd, general manager of corporate strategy at Chevron.

As part of the energy system for more than a century, we understand how energy markets work and how to plan for the long term.

Our differentiated strategy is focused on both:

  • Driving down the carbon intensity of oil and natural gas production today.
  • Investing to develop lower carbon energy solutions for tomorrow.

We are increasing energy production this year, raising our capital spending by approximately 50% from 2021.

Over the next six years, Chevron is investing $10 billion to reduce our emissions and scale new lower carbon businesses including:

  • Carbon capture
  • Hydrogen
  • Renewable fuels
  • Offsets
  • Other emerging lower carbon opportunities

Growth in renewable fuels, hydrogen and carbon capture is expected to enable some 30 million tons of annual CO2-equivalent emission reductions by 2028.

the big picture

“The future of energy will be lower carbon, and Houston intends to be a leader today and tomorrow,” Toliver said. “With world-class capabilities and people, we are a city of problem solvers. We look to that future with optimism.”

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