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malaysian service stations recognized for energy, water efficiency

1 min read | july 29, 2022

GreenRE, Malaysia’s leading green-building certification body, recently awarded two Caltex service stations Platinum status, the agency’s highest sustainability rating. The achievement marks a historic first for service stations in the country.

efficient design

The two Caltex service stations in Malacca, saw their energy consumption drop by more than 50% through architectural design that included solar photovoltaic panels.

show me the receipts

By the end of 2021, the collective energy savings from the two stations amounted to approximately 181,000 kilowatt-hours.

making the grade

GreenRE’s Platinum certification is based on six environmental impact categories:

  • energy efficiency
  • water efficiency
  • sustainable operation and management
  • indoor environmental quality
  • other green features
  • carbon emission of development

how we aced it

Our game plan to improve energy efficiency, reduce water use and modernize the space included:

  • Rooftop solar panels, which generate power for the station’s own consumption.
  • Water-efficient fixtures, including a rainwater harvesting tank and a smart water metering system.
  • High-efficiency LED lighting and air conditioners.
  • 50 kW direct current fast charging stations for electric vehicles.
Jay Gomez, country chairman of Chevron Malaysia Limited

what it means

“We are honored to receive the highest accreditation from GreenRE,” said Jay Gomez, country chairman of Chevron Malaysia Limited. “The accomplishment represents a future model for service stations that can be expanded throughout the Caltex network, as we look at solutions to operate with improved efficiencies in energy and water management.”

just the beginning

Chevron is working to lower carbon intensity of its operations by increasing the use of renewables to support our business and investing in low-carbon technologies to drive commercial solutions.

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