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delivering support for nursing moms while they’re on the road

2 min read | october 06, 2022

Five years ago, Chevron process engineer Amy Bordonaro lugged an empty insulated cooler through the airport and all the way to Colorado for a business trip. As a new mom breastfeeding her firstborn child, she maintained her nursing schedule, repeatedly pumping milk, freezing it in the kitchen where she lodged and then storing the valuable nourishment in the cooler for her return home.

For working mothers who breastfeed, the logistics of providing milk can be daunting, time consuming and labor intensive. Historically, moms have had few options to make the effort more convenient. Until recently.

more support, delivered

Fully covered by Chevron as a business expense, milk delivery services cover storage, refrigeration and expedited shipping.

Now it’s easier than ever for Chevron nursing mothers to provide breast milk for their infants. While away on a domestic or international business trip, moms can easily refrigerate and ship breast milk home to baby from anywhere in the world.

fuel for babies—and careers, too

When returning to work shortly after welcoming twin girls in early 2022, Amy prepared for that familiar business trip to Colorado, this time with milk delivery options.

“Formula is so hard to find—and milk is critical. I would have found a way to make it work on my own, but this program makes it so much easier.”

amy bordonaro

chevron process engineer

why it matters

Returning to work after maternity leave can be a challenge. The milk delivery benefit is a win-win for families and Chevron, enabling moms to excel at work and supporting families' needs.

"We know being a mother comes with a lot of demands at work and at home, so anything we can do to help working parents find balance in their busy lives just feels like the right thing to do."

brian walker

manager, employee assistance and worklife services

more on that

Chevron attracts a talented and diverse U.S. employee workforce through a variety of family benefits, including:

  • Bonding: Provides up to eight weeks of paid time off for mothers and fathers to bond with their child within one year of the birth, adoption or placement for adoption or foster care.
  • Dependent care reimbursement for business travel: Provides reimbursement of dependent care-related expenses above those an employee normally pays when not traveling.
  • Family care: Provides one week of pay for time off to care for an eligible ill or injured family member.
  • Extended family care: Provides up to seven weeks of pay to care for an eligible family member with a serious health condition

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