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energy everywhere: renewable natural gas

2 min read | december 01, 2022

Energy can be found almost everywhere, even in animal manure.

Which is why Chevron is working with industry partners—like dairy farmers—to treat methane from cow waste to make renewable natural gas (RNG).

“A lot of people don’t realize that dairy farms are very carbon intensive,” said Chicovia Scott, a self-proclaimed nerd and Chevron’s renewable natural gas commercial manager. “That uncaptured methane gas from cow manure is more than 25 times as potent at capturing heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2).”

waste to energy

Chicovia is passionate about innovation. She is working diligently in the renewables business to explore other sources for producing RNG, including landfill methane, wastewater sludge, food waste and other organic waste operations.

“At Chevron, we want to be an efficient leader in developing lower carbon products.”

chicovia scott

renewable natural gas commercial manager

image of a bar with cows and three farmers

a perfect marriage

By partnering with Chevron to capture methane and treat it to make RNG, farmers can reduce the carbon intensity of their operations.

“We partner with folks like CalBio; they understand how dairy farms work,” Chicovia said. “We have the capital and commercial acumen…it feels like a perfect marriage.”

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Once the waste has been treated to remove contaminants, RNG is virtually indistinguishable from traditional natural gas.

In addition to fueling heavy-duty vehicles, it can also be used for electricity generation, bioplastics and thermal functions like heating and cooking.

In the Energy Everywhere series, we will highlight how Chevron is helping power everyday life through different forms of energy. Innovation enables human progress, and this series will demonstrate how we are working to provide affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy to meet the world’s growing needs.

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