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emissions solutions global energy, liquefied natural gas are topics at gastech 2022

2 min read | october 13, 2022

Nigel Hearne, executive vice president of Oil, Products and Gas, (center) during a panel discussion at Gastech 2022.

The importance of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in enabling access to affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy received top billing when our representatives addressed Gastech 2022 earlier this month.

This year, Italy hosted one of the world’s largest meetings for the global energy sector and its industries focused on LNG, natural gas, hydrogen and lower carbon solutions.

why it matters

The importance of energy and energy security were key topics. Having the conference in Milan this year turned out to be timely and appropriate given recent energy market developments, especially in Europe, where natural gas prices are at an all-time high. We believe Chevron’s expertise and assets will help us expand our market presence to help meet demand.

what we’re saying

Market volatility from supply chain issues, geopolitical crises and energy security has affected consumers around the world. Nigel Hearne, Chevron’s executive vice president of Oil, Products and Gas, flagged another looming challenge—access to reliable energy and what will be necessary to meet the world’s energy needs. “We must work together across sectors to develop pragmatic energy solutions. We will need to recognize that customers and countries will have different needs and priorities. There is no singular or right path to decarbonization of the energy system,” he said.

“We will need to balance meeting today’s needs of affordable and reliable energy as we strive for secure, diverse and lower-carbon intensity energy for tomorrow.”

nigel hearne
executive vice president, oil, products and gas

expanding opportunities

Europe’s energy crisis has raised questions about energy security. To reach areas where demand has intensified, Chevron is looking at increasing LNG exports from the U.S. and other regions. In a discussion at the conference, Colin Parfitt, Chevron’s vice president of Midstream, noted the importance of location and exploring other export pathways such as our operations in the Eastern Mediterranean, which includes Israel.

“To help meet the need for affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy, Chevron is broadening our LNG scope to find ways to supply more customers, especially those in Europe.”

colin parfitt
vice president, midstream

speaking globally

LNG will play a critical role in leading the world to a lower carbon future and can help with reliability, according to Freeman Shaheen, vice president of Chevron’s Gas Supply and Trading. He spoke on a panel about reimagining the energy mix across Asia.

“There is an intersection of energy security, affordability and carbon intensity. We’re working to help balance these in our own efforts to increase capacity, decrease carbon intensity and meet the increased demand for LNG.”


freeman shaheen
vice president, gas supply and trading

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