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our operations tapping into high tech to drill more efficiently

2 min read | november 14, 2022

Workers on a rig near Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Delivering lower carbon energy to a growing world means we are constantly innovating. In the U.S., the need for reliable, affordable energy has been front page news, and we intend to do our part, particularly in the Permian Basin where we plan to grow production to 1 million barrels of oil-equivalent per day by 2025.

Our approach to production in the Permian leverages digital and process innovations, allowing us to double the number of wells we’re able to deliver per drilling rig and hydraulic fracturing unit. We've accomplished this without compromising safety or reliability.

the bigger picture

The U.S. is expected to hit record oil production next year, and our approach to developing our Permian assets could help get us there.

With 2.2 million net acres across the Permian, we prioritize well locations to deliver production efficiently. We are also optimizing project efficiencies, such as using multiwell pads to drill a series of horizontal wells and using a completion technique to stimulate two wells simultaneously while other work is done onsite.

Our efficiencies have led to:
  • Delivering twice as many wells per drilling rig and hydraulic fracturing units, when compared to 2019.
  • Achieving faster cycle time from the start of drilling to first production.
  • Lowering our overall well costs, delivering more wells with less capital.

technological edge

Digital tools are helping Chevron drill wells faster than ever in the Permian. Our Decision Support Center (DSC) in downtown Houston, approximately 500 miles from the basin, allows remote operators to monitor wells in real time. It also gives them the agility to adjust the drilling plan when they discover an approach that is more effective.

  • The DSC conducts real-time monitoring and data analysis.
  • Employees use that data to monitor for process safety and drive drilling performance improvements.

a drastic improvement

Drilling techniques have changed a lot since John Engle, senior drill site representative, joined Chevron nearly 10 years ago, and he expects to see the evolution continue.

“It’s been exciting to watch the new technologies being used by the industry,” he said. “I’m curious to see what further advancements we’ll make in the future. The sky is the limit.”

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