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world of opportunity: we’re helping meet global liquefied natural gas needs

1 min read | december 20, 2022

Chevron is expanding our liquefied natural gas (LNG) business to help meet increasing global demand.

We already have a robust global LNG business, with LNG production in Western Australia, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. Building on that, we are increasing production in other parts of the world, such as the United States and the Eastern Mediterranean, to distribute LNG more widely.

why it matters

Demand for natural gas is growing around the world. As countries’ economies grow and transition to cleaner energies, global markets need more energy and gas supply. Recent geopolitical tensions are also affecting natural gas availability and pricing, especially in Europe.

Scott McKay, who manages Chevron’s natural gas trading in the Americas, says we have plans in place to increase our production and help meet the rising demand.

“The majority of our LNG growth will occur in the Americas and Eastern Mediterranean,” said McKay. “That’s to complement existing flows from Western Australia, Equitorial Guinea and Angola.”

a global network

While growth in the Eastern Mediterranean is expected to happen over the long term, we are ramping up natural gas production in the Permian Basin to deliver U.S. Gulf Coast LNG now. We are also completing pipeline, liquefaction and shipping commitments to help deliver Permian Basin gas to end-use markets around the world.

While most of our LNG from Australia has been destined for parts of Asia, our growing business is expected to meet the urgent demand in Europe and Southeast Asia.

“The export capacity we’re taking out in the U.S. is ideally located for delivering into Europe to meet European gas needs in the medium term.”

scott mckay

general manager, gas supply and trading, americas

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