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people and community LA youth get a kick out of soccer outreach program

2 min read | january 19, 2023

Runners race to the finish line at Chevron Soccer Academy clinic and tryout in Los Angeles, California.

While the 2022 Qatar World Cup captured the attention of much of the world, Chevron scored a goal with our Chevron Soccer Academy (CSA) outreach program.

By working with national and local partners, Chevron and the CSA are bringing new soccer opportunities to underserved youth in Los Angeles, California. That means more kids have the chance to reach their goals.

And it also means more schools can allocate their resources to educational needs.

“While the South Bay of Los Angeles is well known for its affluence, many public school districts face increasing challenges in appropriating adequate resources to serve their students and communities,” said Jeff Wilson, Chevron corporate affairs manager. “I am so proud of Chevron’s focus with this program which not only provides youths a much-needed recreation resource but also helps educators focus limited public funding on basic education needs such as teachers and books.”

spotlighting potential

Chevron, Alianza de Futbol and Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) recently held a youth soccer clinic and tryout while Chevron and the LAFC refurbished a futsal court at Prairie Vista Middle School in southwestern Los Angeles County.

The clinic and tryout, held in mid-October 2022, gave local kids the chance to learn and enhance their soccer skills from current and former professionals and tryout in front of professional scouts. The activities also taught them more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through the soccer-themed Chevron STEM Zone.

“It is inspiring to be part of such a unique opportunity that has the power to influence the soccer journey for these kids and allows them to realize their potential, both on and off the field,” said Jenny Macintosh, senior partnership marketing specialist for Chevron. 

“Seeing the positive impact that this program has on the participants and their families is incredible and reinforces the value that we can provide to communities in need.”

jenny macintosh

senior partnership marketing specialist

new court, new opportunities

A new futsal court at Prairie Vista Middle School, provided by Chevron and LAFC Foundation, gives local youth new activity opportunities.

A new futsal court at Prairie Vista Middle School, provided by Chevron, LAFC and LAFC Foundation, gives local youth new activity opportunities.

In November 2022, Chevron and LAFC, along with LAFC Foundation, unveiled a new futsal court at Prairie Vista Middle School.

Futsal is a sport like soccer, but it is played on a hard court that is smaller than a full-sized soccer pitch. The outdoor court gives students at Prairie Vista more opportunities for physical fitness and free play during and after school.

In addition to the new court, Chevron and the LAFC Foundation donated $10,000 to the school as well as new soccer equipment and supplies.

play like a champion

The Prairie Vista court is the third futsal court in Los Angeles that Chevron has built in partnership with LAFC and LAFC Foundation. It’s the fifth court overall constructed by the partners.

“The futsal court aims to provide greater access to soccer and offer safe and revitalized places for youth to play,” Macintosh said.

Students attending the dedication event at Prairie Vista Middle School played and interacted with LAFC MLS champion Ilie Sanchez.

what’s next?

Chevron plans for more soccer outreach in 2023. We will partner with Alianza de Futbol, LAFC and the San Jose Earthquakes to bring CSA to four sites. Chevron also plans to partner with LAFC to build a new futsal court in Bakersfield, California.

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