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when the world went virtual, things got real

3 min read | january 06, 2023

Michelle Snoddy, senior manager of Human Resources, deepened connections with Chevron colleagues during and after the pandemic.

One of the most pervasive aspects of the pandemic was the inability to connect in person with most of our family, friends and colleagues. As a “people person” in the truest sense, Michelle Snoddy, senior manager of Human Resources at Chevron, found herself on a new path toward connecting with others.

creating new connections

Michelle's role revolves around human interaction.  From hosting talent management programs and advising leadership development training to guiding diversity and inclusion discussions, she does it all, day in and day out.

Before COVID-19, she took the face-to-face opportunities for granted—and she wasn’t the only one.

“Back then, we would regularly meet on video conference calls with colleagues from down the hall, across campus or around the world,” said Michelle, noting that while the option was available, people rarely turned on their camera. In-person meetings were often changed to conference calls if they were across campus and schedules were tight.

walking with empathy

Once Chevon’s campuses closed, all that changed. Michelle’s conversations quickly became more focused and her connections with others deepened. She could sense when colleagues needed more of her time, and when they didn't.
“With office distractions out of the way, I was completely focused on what individuals were saying—and invested in what they were sharing.”

michelle snoddy

senior manager of Human Resources

“I spent time in this new world, talking to people through screens, which I would have never done before,” she said. “It was easier to notice if their words were not aligned with the visible nonverbal cues. That’s when I’d lean in and say, ‘Tell me more.’”

This approach would often encourage Michelle’s colleagues to open up and share thoughts that might have gone unheard.

As part of her job as senior human resources manager at Chevron, Michelle Snoddy (center) encourages her team to bring empathy, well-being and a bit of fun into work each day.

As part of her job as senior manager of Human Resources at Chevron, Michelle Snoddy (center) encourages her team to bring empathy, well-being and a bit of fun into work each day.

stepping up self-care

At Chevron, wellness is about more than physical health; our approach is holistic and engages mental and emotional well-being, too.

As Michelle stated, “At the end of the day, we want everyone to be their best selves—and that looks different for every individual. If we’re not considering the whole person, we’re not helping our employees be the best they can be. Employees need space to define and evolve what well-being is for them. That’s why we say self-care isn’t selfish.”


at the ready with resources

Even as COVID-19 slowly recedes, the post-pandemic mental health crisis persists, putting a spotlight on well-being initiatives in the workplace. Across the U.S., employers are offering support by prioritizing employee assistance programs (EAP), wellness benefits and work-life balance flexibility.

"The availability and accessibility of mental health and well-being is bigger than just one department," said Brian Walker, employee assistance program and worklife program manager.

“We’re on a journey to remind our friends and colleagues of expansive opportunities to seek help.”

brian walker

employee assistance program and worklife program manager

In the last year, Chevron expanded our mental health offerings to employees and their family members in more than 80 countries. As a result, we were recognized as one of the Top 100 Healthiest Workplaces for 2022.

Some of our expanded resources include:

  • Access to a coaching resource that promotes proactive mental health, inclusion and belonging.
  • A Healthy You wellness program that uses an AI-driven platform to connect people and resources intuitively.
  • A Chevron Mindfulness Club for employees and contractors.
  • A Resilient Living program to build capacity for change and manage adversity and life challenges.

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