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people and community working together to meet asia’s basic human needs

2 min read | june 15, 2023

Contaminated drinking water in Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal is contributing to underperformance in classrooms, school dropouts and even deaths.

Yet, when children become thirsty at school, they often still drink from the tap.

“When you’re a kid running around and playing in the sun, thirst is a major need that’s hard to ignore,” said Danny Wright, founder of nonprofit Gravity Water. “The majority of the kids just go to the tap and drink the contaminated water, regardless of whether it has trash and debris in it.”

Gravity Water is among the many organizations supported by the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, a Chevron climate resilience initiative.

Since its inception, Gravity Water has helped more than 71,000 students in over 100 communities secure access to safe drinking water. With the support of the Miller Center and Chevron, Wright is turning rainwater into drinking water for Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal schools to help kids stay hydrated safely.

A girl in a dress takes water from a keg
two boys pour water from a keg
two girls pour out some water from a keg

how we’re helping

Gravity Water is among the organizations supported by the Miller Center-Chevron initiative.

Our initiative supports Asian nonprofits that are benefiting the environment, local economies and communities. They’re doing so by:

  • Providing access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.
  • Ensuring availability of clean water and sustainable water and sanitation management.
  • Improving agricultural practices and access to farming technology for more efficient and productive food production.

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Our support, which began in 2021 and continues today, couldn’t have come at a better time for Wright and his team.

“We were in a very difficult place until this opportunity came along,” Wright said. “We were really feeling the effects of COVID. The Miller Center-Chevron climate resilience initiative helped us develop a plan to move forward.”

making an impact

Another program participant, Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE), is a nonprofit based in Indonesia. They have helped more than 160,000 people through renewable energy, food security, water conservation and social programs.

“The Miller Center-Chevron climate resilience initiative enables us to work with dedicated mentors to help us scale our business to deliver impact to 9,000 farmers and their families,” said Rebekka Angelyn, YRE’s executive director. “The efforts we’re undertaking are changing lives. The Miller Center and Chevron’s support is helping us grow our impact.”

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