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chairman and CEO mike wirth talks advancing lower carbon progress

2 min read | july 31, 2023

Mike Wirth, Chevron Chairman and CEO, participated in a wide-ranging conversation with CNBC journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Mike Wirth, Chairman and CEO of Chevron, highlighted our efforts to meet the energy demands of today while advancing a lower carbon future during the recent Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

Speaking at the annual event focused on exploring solutions to global challenges, Wirth detailed the important role energy has and will continue to play in advancing progress.

“Our society has been transformed in the developed world by the availability of reliable and affordable energy,” Wirth said. “Billions of people on this planet don’t live that way. And for them ... a propane burner is a huge step forward in terms of quality of life and health.”

He detailed how energy has changed lives and supported critical industries such as the transportation and agricultural sectors.

“The products that our industry provides have enabled the quality of life that people enjoy today in the developed world.”

mike wirth
Chevron chairman and CEO

the way ahead

When asked about Chevron’s motivations for investing in new, lower carbon solutions to meet rising energy demand, Wirth noted that the company is always evolving alongside technology and innovation.

Our work has evolved to expand beyond traditional fuels into lower carbon intensity alternatives such as renewable fuels and hydrogen.

“Our products enable human progress,” he said. “I view it as important for humankind that we continue to develop affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner sources of energy.”

Photos by Riccardo Savi, courtesy of the Aspen Institute

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