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cybersecurity team stands guard against attacks

2 min read | october 05, 2023

The threat of cyberattacks keeps many wondering about safety and security, both at the office and at home. At Chevron, we place a high priority and proactively work to protect our people, stakeholders, assets and reputation. We amplified those efforts in 2022 by launching a cyber resilience program.

We’ll never let our guard down. That’s the general rule of security: Don’t get complacent.

kiran movva

cyber resilience program manager

what’s at stake

Countries rely on our ability to be a stable supplier of energy. This is especially true in places like Israel where we supply most of their energy, or Bangladesh where our operations account for a significant portion of their natural gas supply.

“Our infrastructure is critical, and we take protecting it seriously,” Movva said. “The reality of a cyber event could be far reaching, so failure is not an option.”

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standing guard

Chevron’s cyber resilience program was launched as a response to the evolving threat landscape. The program aims to prevent powerful cyberattacks, such as malware, and recover from unavoidable incidents.

Other ways we are working to defend our people, assets and reputation are laid out in Chevron’s Corporate Sustainability Report. We:

  • Investigate cyber incidents to determine any risk to customers.
  • Actively mitigate detected vulnerabilities before they become a risk.
  • Construct our systems using Secure by Design principles to better integrate and scale our cybersecurity strategy.
  • Prevent interruptions to operations and our customers by implementing backup plans to continue operations during incidents.

more on that

We also have an insider threat program that monitors internal threats, as well as a threat intelligence team that analyzes suspicious outside information.

The work never stops, said Movva.

“Every day, possible threats are increasing and evolving in sophistication and frequency. And every single day, we protect against them.”

kiran movva
cyber resilience program manager

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