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NYT zeroes in on Israel’s emergence as energy producer

1 min read | august 09, 2023

The Leviathan natural gas field is positioned deep in the Mediterranean Sea, about 80 miles (120 km) west of Haifa, Israel.

A recent New York Times article spotlighted how Chevron’s natural gas production in Israel is helping meet the energy needs of both the nation and neighboring countries.

“We have got a very large resource base there. That gas resource is going to be needed by the world.”

clay neff
chevron’s president of exploration and production

Focusing on the Leviathan offshore gas reservoir, the Times noted how the Chevron-operated field has the potential to counterbalance European supply shortages.

The Leviathan platform pictured under construction in 2019.

The Leviathan platform pictured under construction in 2019. Some 200 engineers took part in the project’s engineering design process, while 7,000 workers from 25 different countries helped construct it.

key takeaways

The Times story drilled down on how Leviathan’s discovery and development are propelling Israel from a coal-reliant nation to a gas-generating powerhouse. Gas developments in Israel have led to:

  • Approximately 70% of Israel’s electricity production being powered by natural gas.
  • Israel sending nearly half of its production to Jordan and Egypt.

Continuing to grow production and build more pipelines to support it could help double Israel’s exports, the Times said. Doing so would generate enough volume to meet the needs of a country the size of the Netherlands.

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