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solar field powers up lower carbon operations

1 min read | august 25, 2023

This solar field will use the sun’s energy to help power a natural gas compressor.

A new solar field is now producing lower carbon energy for our operations in Hayhurst, New Mexico. This is the first project in Chevron’s renewable power agreement with Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.

why it matters

The solar field supplies power to a compressor station that readies natural gas to be shipped to customers. As Chevron increases its oil and gas production in the nearby Permian Basin, we will be requiring more power to meet the demands of our operations.

The new solar field supplies some of that energy by providing lower carbon electricity. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the new solar panels will also reduce demand on the local grid.

“The solar field is supplying a pretty significant portion of the power needs during daylight hours. The power costs will also be less than what we’re paying for energy from the grid,” said Bobby Hulett, Chevron’s general manager of operations for its Mid-Continent Business Unit. “So, it’s a higher return, lower carbon project, and we love it.”

Renewable energy helps Chevron draw less electricity from the grid.
The 120-acre solar field will handle roughly 70% of a nearby compressor station’s power needs during the day.
The solar field is the result of a collaboration with Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.

by the numbers

While the energy from the solar field won’t cover all the power needed for the compressor station, it covers roughly 70% of the energy needs during the day.

30 MW

electricity the compressor station uses

20 MW

electricity from solar field

one megawatt can power nearly 750 homes at once

more to come

This project is the first completed as part of the joint venture with Algonquin. The lessons learned will help guide future work, said Telisa Toliver, general manager of renewable power in Chevron’s Pipeline and Power Business Unit.

“It’s exciting because we have other projects in the pipeline. This project demonstrates one of the many ways that we can provide solutions to achieving a lower carbon future.”

telisa toliver

general manager, renewable power

The New Mexico State Land Office awarded the lease for the 120-acre site to Chevron and Algonquin in 2022.

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