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include the industry in energy transition, says chevron CEO

1 min read | november 30, 2023

Mike Wirth, Chevron Chairman and CEO, addressed a live audience at the American Energy Security Summit about the importance of including and leveraging the experience of the oil and gas industry in the energy transition.

The oil and gas industry should be included in energy transition discussions since its expertise can be leveraged to build a new system, says Chevron’s top executive.

Mike Wirth, the company’s Chairman and CEO, said during the recent American Energy Security Summit that the sector is rife with top-tier talent that can help lead the way.

“This industry has the best engineers, project managers, technical capabilities, balance sheets and human capacity to do just about anything,” Wirth told CNBC’s Brian Sullivan.

“To pretend that it’s possible to build a new energy system without leveraging the capabilities not only of companies that produce energy but those in every aspect of our supply chains and our technology value chains, it’s just not a realistic way to see things.”

mike wirth
chairman and CEO

why it matters

Wirth isn’t alone in his thinking. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Energy Institute, the nation needs a mix of fuel sources to maintain affordable and reliable supplies.

Rather than disrupt energy diversity, policymakers should focus on how to maintain it, the institute said.

a seat at the table

Wirth expressed his hope that oil and gas would be included in energy policy and strategy, saying they could contribute to progress.

He emphasized the importance of having dialogues with different perspectives, as he said they would help build understanding and consensus for the future.

“We’re businesspeople. We’re Americans. We’re patriots, and we want our country to be strong, secure and viable,” Wirth said.

more on that

Wirth’s comments were made in front of a live audience during the American Energy Security Summit, which featured traditional energy companies who are focused on a lower carbon future.

While gesturing to the audience, Wirth said such industry professionals have dedicated their careers to energy progress, and their contributions should continue.

“They’ve built out an energy system that provides heat, light, mobility and all the things that are required — and are doing it in a way that has less impact on the environment,” Wirth said. “That’s what we’ve always done and is what this industry will continue to do.”

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