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texaco debuts new look near austin, texas

2 min read | october 05, 2023

This new Texaco station, located at 7401 McAngus Rd. in Del Valle, Texas, opened in July 2023.

A new era for Texaco fueling stations launched in July just outside of Austin, Texas, with the first station makeover to the brand’s modern new look.

The updated design is more than just a fresh exterior; it’s a statement of the company’s ongoing commitment to its customers and the communities it serves.

“A brand refresh like this is more than just a new coat of paint. It’s a clear indication that we are investing in long-term innovation, quality service and growth,” said Claudia Olvera Ibbott, fuels advertising manager.

why it matters

Traditional fuel products like diesel and gasoline are going to be a large part of the energy demand mix for decades.

Investment in existing infrastructure is key to meeting that demand—from refineries and terminals to pipelines and retail stations. Updating stations in the Texaco network shows a commitment to the future and a dedication to providing customers with a seamless experience.

a welcome sight

The station offers a new experience with a lighter, brighter and more inviting space designed for customer comfort. It also features:

  • An evolved color scheme
  • 3D canopies
  • Updated signage
Texaco gas pump
Texaco station
Texaco sign

The brand’s new look features updated signage and color schemes to welcome customers.

The changes aren’t merely cosmetic. These improvements are part of a larger strategy aimed at “rolling out the red carpet for our customers,” said Desmond Johnson, Manager, retail station image for Chevron.

“The Texaco brand has a long and proud legacy, and we are excited to continue that history with this all-new, retro-modern image at our stations.”

claudia olvera ibbott

fuels advertising manager

just the beginning

Going forward, all new Texaco stations will adopt the updated look. The company also has plans to convert all existing domestic stations by the end of 2026.

also in austin

Chevron and Texaco display at Americas Fuels Convention

Hot on the heels of the Austin-area station opening was the Americas Fuels Convention. Chevron welcomed manufacturers like Toyota as well as an international network of retailers and marketers.

The new Texaco look was on display for approximately 1,500 people from 14 different countries who attended the event in Austin, Texas.

Speakers at the event spoke about lower carbon transportation, Chevron’s approach to renewable fuels and best practices. Other topics of discussion included evolving the ExtraMile Market, the fuels industry and new technologies.

“I’m proud of the collaboration that took place and the strong relationships we’ve built with our retail and marketing partners. Chevron has been in this business for 140 years, and we intend to be here for at least another 140 years.”

andy walz
​president of Americas Products, Chevron

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