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robotic dogs can unleash a more reliable energy future

2 min read | february 20, 2024

Chevron’s use of Spot robots, which resemble dogs, helps improve efficiency and safety.

Trey Caylor hasn’t said whether he’s a cat or a dog person. But, at least on a professional level, it’s likely the latter, albeit with an important caveat.

The “canine” he’s fond of must perform the most important of tricks: helping increase the efficiency of Chevron’s oil and gas facilities.

As Chevron Technical Center’s robotics program manager, Caylor is working to prove the capabilities of a fleet of robotic pups are up to the task. He’s doing so through a strategic agreement with robot maker Boston Dynamics.

“Our team is focused on keeping people safe and providing value back to our customers. Robotics do that.”

trey caylor
robotics manager
chevron technical center

why it matters

During plant walkabouts, the robots—each called Spot®—collect and analyze data to help workers make faster and better decisions.

The information relayed can hint at potential issues, giving teams a chance to address them before they cause a disruption.


Inspects plants to flag safety and equipment issues
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Reduces the need for repetitive tasks
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Gathers data to drive informed decisions

more on that

With a camera for a head, Spot records its work in real time, while keeping a log of observations for future use.

It also can patrol the refinery, conduct equipment inspections and never chews up the furniture.

During pilots in California and Texas, the robots have collected thousands of images of equipment and conditions that were shared with Chevron’s maintenance team.

fleet expansion

Chevron introduced Spot at its El Segundo Refinery in California in 2022.

Under its recently inked agreement with Spot’s manufacturer Boston Dynamics, it is expanding its use of the robots in California, Texas and Mississippi. By doing so, the companies hope to advance Spot’s capabilities and use cases.

“We’re trying to change the whole mindset of how robotics and Chevron coexist. They’re not toys. They’re tools, and they’re another way that helps us to safely and efficiently run our operations.”

trey caylor

robotics manager
chevron technical center

the bigger picture

Katie Pelliccio, general manager of technology strategy and performance, said she views Spot as one of many solutions available within robotics.
“Robotics can enable us to access more data which we can use to inform better, faster decisions on a daily basis.”

katie pelliccio
general manager of technology strategy and performance

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