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supply chains are part of the evolution in energy

1 min read | january 11, 2024

An employee monitors systems at our carbon capture pilot project at Chevron’s Kern River asset in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

The supply chain managers that successfully maneuvered through pandemic-related bottlenecks now face a new task in finding partners who can continue to do the heavy lifting but with lower carbon strategies in mind.

“By having a strong and agile supply chain, Chevron is able to adapt to the ever-changing energy landscape and focus on reaching its lower carbon goals,” said Alvaro Fernandez, supply chain manager for Chevron New Energies (CNE).

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Lockdowns limited supplies during the pandemic. As vaccines became widely available and employment surged, businesses struggled to keep pace with increased demand. In 2022, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas said a return to normal was on the horizon.

In August, 43% of businesses reported an improvement in supply chains for the first time since the pandemic’s initial economic effects in 2020.

“Supply Chains Slowly Mend as Texas Firms View Normalization in 2023”

federal reserve bank of dallas

building partnerships

Though some energy segments are still bogged down by supply chain issues, Fernandez is working to find suppliers and business partners ready to accelerate Chevron’s lower carbon goals.

“We’re always looking for partners and technologies to help us protect the environment and support Chevron’s lower carbon aspirations,” he said.

Svante tech trial facility, San Joaquin Valley, Bakersfield. Workers inspecting a rotary adsorption machine.

From a supply-chain perspective, Chevron’s new business lines use emerging technologies and often call for building entirely new logistics networks—in many cases, with new suppliers working with Chevron for the first time.

here’s what’s been done already

Working alongside sequestration company Svante, and in coordination with the Energy Department’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (project #DE-FE0031944), Chevron started work on a carbon storage test project at the Kern River oil field in California in late 2022.

The purpose of the pilot is to see how well Svante’s technology separates the CO2 from flue gas before potentially moving to large-scale capture and storage.

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